Kicking off 2009! New Trends for the New Year

Well 2009 is here and underway. The holidays have brought new beaming brides and grooms that are ready and eager to begin their wedding planning process.As a Wedding and Event Planner, I have many different hats to wear. Not only am I the Brides new best friend, but also it’s my job to put on my thinking cap and help her create the wedding of her dreams.This is one main reason Brides hire wedding coordinators; to make them aware of what’s new, what’s hot, and what are the latest trends.So I decided to make my own list on my new Monogrammed Note Cards for January 2009 of what I predict we will see more of and what could be the new “IT” thing this year. If you are in Connecticut and looking for a great photographer then I highly recommend Chris and Becca Connecticut Wedding Photography they do amazing photos.

1.Bouquet Wraps:(See photos) The Bridal Bouquet has always been such a cherished piece to the bride’s attire. Some brides like it to be subtle and elegant; while others prefer it to be bold and edgy. The Bridal Bouquet is such an import accessory , and should be treated as such! Whether you’re planning a subtle white bouquet or a vibrant Fuchsia- MAKE A STATEMENT and make it your Own!

Some ideas:

-Turn your Satin Ribbon on your stem into a Keepsake; have a calligrapher print your vows or a special quote on it prior to your wedding with a Foam Board Printing service to have a special detail at your wedding, also as souvenirs for the guests.Make sure that you use a high quality ribbon (Midori).If you don’t want to purchase the ribbon yourself, ask your florist.(Calligraphy: Wendy Ware Designer)

-Add a beautiful Broach: Does your grandmother have something in her jewelry that you can use? Or perhaps you can get help at An antique can make holding your bouquet more sentimental and important.

-Add different fabrics around the stems to match or accent the dresses.

-Trailing Ribbons: great for kids and bridesmaids.

2.Personalizing:(see photos) This trend seemed to really start to come alive in 2008! I really think that we will continue to see this popularity for a while. It’s so “personal” and really does make each wedding so unique. (unless of course you share the same initials with someone else or the same name!) Cool things to make your own:

Matching the Stationary (Calligrapher Wendy Ware Designer): Programs, Placecards, and menus. Then later with the Thank You cards and even personal stationary.

Custom Dance floor with Decal (

This year, make it your own, put your name on it!

3.Favors: In 2008; the Candy Station became a HUGE hit! Why not, everyone loves how it makes him or her feel like a Kid in a Candy store. And really, favors are so out dated. (unless of course it’s Godiva Chocolate, yum!) At the end of the night, I’m always collecting the left-over favors that The Bride spent good money on (Usually $3-6 each!) and either giving them back to the Bride or to the Housemen/women that are cleaning up. Its crazy!So in my searches I am eager to find what else we can do and how we can make it another Great Giveaway.So here it is (!): Turning your Big centerpiece into little Take-Away Gifts. Your guests will love that they get some beautiful, fresh cut flowers to take home and enjoy for the next week! You can buy small vases and have your florist (or assistant) return toward the end of the eveningto cut the centerpieces apart! This is also a great way to have a Green Wedding!

As we kick off what we hope is another great year- l look forward to seeing what wonderful new trends come about!

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